Have you ever had to hire a Concrete Saw Cutter to make your cuts and then a Demolition Contractor to remove the concrete? With Hillen Corporation, you no longer need to hire two separate sub-contractors for your concrete removal needs.

We provide commercial and residential concrete sawing and cutting services, with removal if needed, supervised and carried out by our team of experienced, professionals.

Our Concrete Saw Cutting and Coring division focuses not only on the quality of its sawing and cutting, but also takes pride of the Customer Services experiences that we strive to provide on each and every job that we send our teams to.

We know that every project has its needs and demands and we strive to schedule you as soon and conveniently as possible. Our professional team of Saw Cutters puts in every effort to arrive to the project on time and prepared with all necessary equipment to get the job done in a timely manner. We understand that saw cutting is not just about making the cuts, but making those cuts as accurately and efficiently as possible while also leaving your job site clean and unaffected by our work. We understand that this can be a challenge at times, which is why all of our operators lay down protective plastic (when needed), vacuum up excess slurry, and clean any other areas affected by our cutting.

**Call for Pricing and Availability**

Please consider the following when requesting a quote for any of our provided services:

  • Are water and power on site?
  • Is it a finished area?
  • Is it on a roof or inside a crawl space?
  • How close can we get our truck to the work area?
  • Will the job be during regular daytime hours or after hours?

For more information on the services we provide and things to consider before calling to request a quote please see our services page.